Alec Robitaille

Ph.D. Candidate

After graduating from CEGEP Vanier’s Environmental and Wildlife Management program, I worked at McGill University studying red squirrels in Kluane, YT and monitoring changing muskrat lake habitat in the Old Crow Flats, YT using LANDSAT imagery with Google Earth Engine. During my undergrad at Memorial University, I worked in the WEEL; assisting in geospatial, movement and social network analyses. I also developed four R packages: spatsoc (with Quinn and Eric) for detecting spatial and temporal groups in animal telemetry data to build social networks, wildcam for planning and evaluating camera trap surveys, irg for calculating instantaneous rate of green-up and hwig for calculating the half-weight gregariousness index. Recently, I started an M.Sc. focusing on combining spatial and social data in multilayer networks.