Members of the Wildlife Evolutionary Ecology Lab do a wide variety of fieldwork. Students track caribou on Fogo Island (Newfoundland), track snowshoe hares and conduct cafeteria-style feeding experiments in Butter Pot Provincial Park (and previous in Terra Nova National Park) (Newfoundland), observing belugas in the St-Lawrence Estuary (Quebec), tracking elk in southern Manitoba, and conducting wolf kill site investigations in eastern Manitoba and in Riding Mountain National Park in western Manitoba. Most students have projects within a specific system that are field intense. However, wherever possible we try to create opportunities for students to have short, but meaningful experiences with field systems that are not central to their individual projects. Our diverse fieldwork experiences and keen interest the natural history of our study systems often percolate into our research and, so far, resulted in the publication of natural history notes on caribou parturition dates and swimming caribou.