Maegwin Bonar


My desire to answer exciting questions in evolutionary ecology as well as a passion for using innovative spatial analysis and statistical techniques are the factors driving my research here in the WEEL lab. My project examines the fitness consequences of seasonal aggregation by female caribou on calving grounds. Female caribou choosing to aggregate on calving grounds balance foraging opportunities with predation risk for their offspring. By taking an individual-based approach, using caribou as a model system, I will examine the influence of the interaction between seasonal aggregation and population density on calf survival. I will be using caribou data from insular Newfoundland as well as collecting data from caribou on Fogo Island, Newfoundland.

Maegwin is currently a PhD candidate at Trent University working with Aaron Shafer and Joe Northrup. Maegwin’s PhD will focus on on integrating GPS and genomic data in wild ungulates to better understand the drivers of movement behaviour.