9 Animal Telemetry Data

Alec developed a targets workflow for preparing animal relocation data. The goal is for everyone to 1) start with the same raw data, 2) use the prepare-locs workflow to generate consistent prepared data and 3) take these data to their own projects. With everyone starting from the same raw data and using the same preparation workflow, we hope we can reduce some redundant preparation logic in projects using the same data and facilitate collaboration. Note, the prepare-locs workflow does not necessarily apply every form of preparation, it aims to be general use allowing users do their own, more specific preparation afterwards.

Link: https://github.com/robitalec/prepare-locs

9.1 Using prepare-locs

The prepare-locs uses the metadata() function to return a data.table listing file paths, column names, etc. The workflow only prepares datasets currently available on your local computer - so just make sure the data you would like to process is present in the specified path.

Note: the expectation is that the user will use the metadata workflow before prepare-locs. If the data you are interested in is not listed at weel.gitlab.io/metadata, contact Alec to document it. If the data is listed, feel free to contribute changes or clarifications to the metadata.

See more details on the metadata project here.


  1. Clone the metadata and the prepare-locs workflows.
  2. Make sure the data you would like to prepare is placed in the path listed in metadata().
  3. Open the prepare-locs project.
  4. Run targets::tar_make().