Eric Vander Wal

MSc Lakehead University
PhD University of Saskatchewan
NSERC PDF Université de Sherbrooke

My passion for evolutionary ecology stems from growing up in the bush in northwestern Ontario. From watching ant social interactions in my back yard to caribou foraging on the Slate Islands, it was these formative experiences that shaped the way I currently tackle fundamental and applied questions in evolutionary ecology.

Current students

Graduate Students

Chris Hart (MSc candidate)

Sana Zabihi-Seissan (MSc candidate)

Mike Laforge (PhD candidate)

Christina Prokopenko (PhD candidate)

Quinn Webber (PhD candidate)

Daniel Dupont (PhD candidate)

Katrien Kingdon (MSc candidate)

Jaclyn Aubin (MSc candidate)

Juliana Balluffi-Fry (MSc candidate)

Levi Newediuk

Post Docs and Visitors

Erin Koen (PDF)

Hance Ellington (PDF)

Undergraduate students

Alec Robitaille


Maria Dobbin

Maegwin Bonar

Stephanie Graham

Paul O’Brien

Mélissa Peignier

Nans Burgarella